Sunday, April 21, 2013

to thine own self be true

"This above all: to thine own self be true,: And it must follow, as the night the day, ..."

Shakespeare's words call to me as I find my own calling - my own way. I read blogs, I make countless inspiration lists on Pinterest, and I create my own works of art. Yes, I have my own style but every so often a person needs to shake it up a little. I have become weary of same old same old. So I am working on some new projects that are me....with a twist. I have been checking out some new mediums and styles and then I stumbled on the greatest source ever!

Awesome hubby took me to the little known but uber cool Brooklyn Flea (a totally incredible flea market in my neck of the woods) and saw a pile of dusty printer's boxes. Ever have things talk to you? Give you visions of the future? NO NOT LIKE THAT! But getting back to my story....they spoke to me of a way to compartmentalize separate ideas yet bring them together under a cohesive unit. One theme and many offshoots of that theme. 2 D and 3 D coexisting in harmony. I have that warm mushy feeling right now :) 

So I schlepped them  all the way home - on the subway - I didn't realize how solid and heavy these things were.... and brought them to my dining room (which is my "studio" these days) and where they sat...and sat and sat. I would glance at them from time to time but never made the time to create a masterpiece with them. I wanted the inspiration to come from the heart.

It finally came last week and I am hard at work. I thought I would finish it in the morning after the resin I used had a chance to sit in UV light to cure but unfortunately my father-in-law was admitted to the hospital in Philly a couple of hours ago so we are going to run the first thing in the AM. Life is full of priorities and family will always come first in my book. So these photos are teasers...basically works in progress. Today you get the before and during - later this week will hopefully will be the after photos of the finished work.