Sunday, August 7, 2011

no time like the present

I am horrible at this - blogging that is. I love creating - I even like talking about the tons of projects I have going on - you know you NEVER seem to work at just one at a time - but I seem to have a love hate relationship with my computer. I love it - but tend to get distracted from all the good "STUFF"" to be learned and found on the web. Inspiration comes from anywhere and in many forms. I wish for time in the day when I am not exhausted from the "day job" to sit down at my table and create, for supplies to be found easily ( I am forever needing someone to organize my supplies!) and for me to remember the ideas that were OH SO CLEAR TO ME only a few hours earlier.

Here are a couple of hte artworks I have been busy with:


Vintage Jerusalem

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