Friday, April 8, 2011

How do you do IT?

ok - IT -  that elusive thing...that is...make time for creating, learning new techniques, take pictures, post onto Etsy, read about other ideas, social network...oh and have a full time job, be a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, cook and clean and collapse at the end of the night!?! Thank G-d I have a husband who gets just as wrapped up in his business as I do in mine - at 11 or 12  o'clock at night we will check up on each other and  remind each other that maybe it is time to collapse....and then we keep going until we actually do almost collapse. It is a pattern - but one that better time management skills would probably solve - or an added 4 hours in the day! The thing is, I really love creating - it relaxes me - I love solving art problems they are complex puzzles that stretch my imaginations and challenge my skills. Collage takes a group of items and combines them to create a pleasing form; just like my life!

SO in between the post office , the bank, the cleaners, the job, and the dentist , I created the last few canvasses for maybe I will start to actually CLEAN for Pesach!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE your artwork. :)