Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting ready for Pesach...or the procrastination prevails!!!!

It's's coming - I know Pesach is only 2 weeks aways - and instead of actually getting it together and cleaning, shopping and planning menus I am sitting at the computer. Yucko... whereas Pesach ( or Passover whatever you call it) is one of my absolute happiest and most wonderful of holidays the preparations leading to that day are not so much....
ok - I must think of it this way - to get to the freedom I have to work like a slave for a little bit - that sounds awfully familiar....
Years ago when I had 3 little kids running around and a dog leaving food everywhere it was more of an issue - but my husband and I are by ourselves - and contrary to the opinion of said 3 little kids now not so little - are not slobs. Food is eaten only in a few choice locations so that Pesach prep in theory should be easier.I said in theory - ok??? :)
I also don't buy as much as I used to - moving from Atlanta to NY has its perks - used to be that after the first 2 days the local store would be out of most of the pesach foods - so replenishing was not always possible. I learned the hard way to buy more before to avoid issues later. Now I am spoiled rotten with 3 stores around the corner getting in supplies all the time - if I can't get it...I probably don't need it!
But I am very proud of myself - I actually made the list to buy and menu for that cleaning,,,, well...maybe tomorrow!

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