Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toy Fair

Just got home from accompanying hubby to the International Toy Fair at the Javits Center in NY. Was amazing..and exhausting! So many wonderful thing to see and touch - snow makers out of edible polymers ( as if we need more snow!), games and toys - sure but I found these great kits to make all sorts of things.OK - we placed order for the usual cast of characters...but then we found it...headphones that you can decorate yourself with stickers and lettering, flowers and jewels - I am totally psyched. I can't wait to start decorating these and putting them on etsy - one of a kind beauties!!!!  Check out link below to find out more about the toy fair!

The other great thing about the show was that I had a chance to meetup with a group of artists from etsy that were there talking up etsy handmade. I don't know about you  - it's always nice to have a chance to shmooze with like minded artists and get their take on things. One talked to me about business and how she relists during the day with her blackberry at lunchtime - she is an engineer in her day job and makes wonderful felt characters in her "spare" time into the wee hours of the night. Another was an amazing photographer who showed us her tricks with a digital camera and a piece of white paper to take incredible shots. Being part of etsy is great because you are part of a larger community of artist who are excited and happy to share with you.

ok...another "playing around" back to work!

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