Monday, February 7, 2011

SPRING IS HERE?!?!?!?.....or not?!?!

ok ok - I admit...I am not good at this whole blogging thing - I get distracted and forget that this supposed to be a daily thing - and really...currently only 3 people know that I exist anyways!!!!
But I will continue to plug away at it....hoping that I will ge the hang of it!

When I was little I loved to gather my materials and come up with something wonderful from the items. I still love doing that today.I posted new items on my etsy site...have been playing around with some new methods - got bored and tried something new - SO I looked out my window and saw the mountains of snow and said to myself - what I really need is SPRING!!! The above 2 pics are a result of my musing.

I used hebrew language workbook pages to create the tree, metal findings in the shape of leaves that I bought in Israel that have brachot ( blessings) on them, cut and punched out shapes, added stamps, and played with acrylics and viola....spring in a can - or canvas as this case may be.

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