Thursday, July 8, 2010

Classified "Palestine" Songs and more

It's Thursday night and I am so so happy that this long, hard,very bad, horrible, terrible, disgusting week is over. I think I need to kick off my shoes and get into the zone..the art zone that is!

Hubby extraordinaire found this amazing haggadah/song book in the drawer to his Bubby's table which we now own. It is a wonderful book copied from an old typewriter and distributed in the land of "Palestine". Classified because of the year it was written. Published in the Jewish year 5705 which is 1945 - 3 full years until the British relinquished control of the land and Israel became a state. I wonder if the British thought was that these songs were propaganda in nature to inspire the youth of the land to become defiant pioneers and wrestle the land from both the Arabs and the British. Check out the table of contents - no propoganda - just harmless songs - a very cool element of zionist history.

As I wrote this I listened to songs of Israel from that time frame - ok - some were absolutely great...but some - hubby and I almost fell off our chairs - not exactly our cup of tea..but definately worth a laugh! Check it out for yourself!

As hubby scanned in this wonderful book the pages started to disintegrate..old paper - nobody knew then about acid that leaches into the paper leading to its demise. I am so glad that I have a copy of it to keep and use in future projects. I can't wait to create a new peice of art - maybe one about the shalosh regalim ( pesach, sukkot and shavout).

I am feeling this pressing need to get my hands dirty and myself totally immersed in a new project. I can't wait for this summer's trip to Israel..besides going to see my kids who have made aliyah to Israel and to attend my son's wedding, and to see my grandmother and aunts, uncles and cousins - I can't wait to explore all the used book stores, antique stores and hidden places to get more STUFF!!!

We continued looking in the magical mystery drawer and found another gem that I remember clearly from my childhood - Horowitz Margareten benchers. Sitting in the cafeteria after lunch "benching" (grace after meals) with my class. Same tune...same cadence...I can even smell those "special" lunchroom smells.

I can't wait to put this one in one of my artworks!!!!

ok must fingers are itching to get off the keyboard and get doing what I love best...ART!

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