Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Open your mind!

I always loved teaching and after almost 3 years away from it - I feel sad. A friend asked me what I was doing for the summer - I answered sadly, " the same thing I do in the winter". It was pathetic! I came to the horrible realization that seasons don't make a difference in your life when you work in an office environment.

So, that brings me t0 today's topic du jour...I'm thinking about getting back to teaching- switching gears and going where my heart is leading me.

I have always loved the excitement I felt in the classroom and making my excitement about the subject become contagious. I love being dramatic and act out events or read a story with flair. I especially love integrating art into my curriculum. I am a visual learner - and am NOT a frontal teacher droning on and on and on putting everyone to sleep. I jump and fly across the room to make a point - ok - I can be a little entertaining - my own kids always tell me to calm down - but I think that is the reason my students - and there have been hundreds over the years love me and years later still remember what they learned in my classes.

Hmmmmm.....what do you kind reader ( at this point I don't know if anyone is reading this?!?) please share what you loved - or hated about your teachers. Tell me how your best teachers opened your mind to ideas and how it made all the difference in your life.
BTW - todays artwork is created with besswax and vintage pics I picked up in a search through a local antiques shop back when I was living in Atlanta, GA. I included a flash card, old report cards, buttons, ribbbon and trim to tell the story of two wonderful delinquents who had such a blast fishing and making trouble all summer they couldn't bear to return to the classroom when it was over!

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