Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shabbat and Art -

How is it that every Shabbat I get so many ideas...of course I can't act on them right at that particular moment - so I try really, really - I mean really hard not to forget them.
I came up with a few doozies this afternoon after my Shabbat nap - and lo and behold - I remembered them long enough to sketch them out into my notebook. I mean it makes sense - you relax and suddenly the creativity juices start up.
i am always itching to get started right after Shabbat ends - but by then ( and especially now when we finish almost 9:30) it is a disaster. Until everything gets put away and the art materials come out of their Shabbaqt hiding spots seem to take longer and longer.
On the positive note - I listed 3 artworks on Ebay tonight for the first time. I felt like such a newbie - hubby directed me on the ins and out of ebay - I listened and actually followed his directions - so far its not fancy - just simple text - but its up there.
Check it out!!!!

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