Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Running With Scissor: Cutting Edge Judaica

Hey - I'm Debbie Gorin and am starting my first foray into blogging.

I create mixed media judaic art peices that are intricate and funky. Though I am back in NY now - for a lifetime I lived in Atlanta, GA where I raised 3 great kids. Two of them off and flew ( made aliyah) to Israel and the youngest is in HS. I remarried to an amazing incredible guy almost 9 months ago and moved to NY. While I lived in Atlanta, I was art teacher and art director extraordinaire. I was immersed in art completely and I loved my students...ok....flash forward..living in NYC...new job....office manager for a mental health outpatient clinic - not exactly a creative position. which brings us to today - I needed an outlet for all my loves: history, jewish heritage studies, the land of Israel and art, art and did I mention art?!!

I do alot of research in creating my artworks - digitizing illuminated manuscrips 800 years old, kettubahs 400 years old and combining it with vintage stamps and israeli advertisements - cutting (YOU SEE THAT WHERE THE SCISSORS COME IN!!!!) them into homes and buildings that dot the landscape of Israel.

Sometimes I paint the backgrounds, or collage using old manuscripts - the pic above is called "The Mystical City" - each stamps or image is chosen carefully to correspond to the theme. Occasionally I throw in Pirkei Avot ( Ethics of our Fathers) which is basically a series of quotes handed down by the leaders of generations explaining the code of behavior and practices the Jewish nation should live by. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/pirkei_avot for more info. I used an old discarded toy megillah that my husband salvaged and brought home from synagogue one day. I try to make sure not to use materials that have the name of G-d in it as a point of respect.
I enjoy playing around with a variety of materials...that's the key - playing..when I play things come out great - when I'm worried or have to complete a commision is when I start having problems. So...I put on music and yell at myself to RELAX and some things clicks - don't you love it when things start happening!
Come join my trip into create Judaica that is anything but the usual...welcome to no running with scissors - judaica on the cutting edge!
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